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Camp Rockmont

I have have had mixed and conflicting emotions about this day for a few weeks. Mariah, Madden, and Miles are leaving for Camp Rockmont. Camp Rockmont has lots of tradition and is becoming a tradition for our family thanks to Mariah.

Camp Rockmont is a fabulous place. It is a place that really excites the three of them and I am excited for what they will experience. The camp leaders couldn’t be better servants and developers of boys into men. The concern and care they show every camper is totally admirable and absolutely authentic. The camp leaders are real mentors of many and spark the growth of everyone (I grow from them and I am not even around them).

The camp excites Max, but he is a little too young. It is actually dreadful for me because they are going to be gone for 2 weeks (336 hours, half a month, or almost 4% of a year). While I know it is a great camp and is led by great people, it is hard for me because they will be so far away.

This will be Madden and Mariah’s 5th year and it will be Miles 3rd year. When a camper or counselor reaches their 5th year, they get a special steak dinner. Madden and Mariah are looking forward to their steak dinner.

Beyond the good and bad of them being gone, there are pros and cons of being here alone with Max. The pro is that him and I will get to bond for the next two weeks. That will be a lot of fun. The cons are that he is already asking when they are coming home (they have only been gone for 2 hours and have 334 hours left) and he has told me he is the boss until they get back. He has reminded me he is the boss several times. Just to give you an idea of what I am dealing with over here, the little boss gave me an extensive todo list:

Most of this list sounds like a lot of fun. The aqua park, the slides, building legos, and playing tag (I am pretty sure I can win). I am a little uncertain about the rope thing, but can imagine it will be fun for all the spectators watching me struggle on it. In regards to his role as the boss, I am a little nervous about his totalitarian leadership style. As I am putting him to bed, he is going over our todo list for tomorrow.

There is no doubt that Mariah, Madden, and Miles are going to have a memorable time at Camp Rockmont. Honestly, it is such a captivating place. The pictures above are just a small glimmer of the real beauty the land bestows. The camp will be full of boys (over 300 to be exact), have many sounds of laughter, and an extraordinary amount of smiling faces.

While Mariah, Madden, and Miles are having an elaborate time, the little dictator (Max) and I will miss them. We are excited for them and we are not going to fret. We are somehow going to find a way to enjoy ourselves despite missing them so badly.

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