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My Favorite Place

I have a good life, but it is not perfect. I am grateful for a lot of things. I grew up in a great family. I received a great education. I have been through great experiences. I have met a lot of great people. I am married to a great girl and we have great kids. I have a great job and I get to work with great people every day.

I often forget how blessed or lucky I am as I go through a day and focus on what needs to get done. I often take for granted a lot of the things I am grateful for as I try to make sure nothing falls short of the goal. Some days at our house can be really difficult and it doesn’t always go my way. Some days there is no plan for the day and it can seem like absolute chaos due to all of the competing desires that are not aligned. I struggle in those moments to stay focused, thoughtful, and grateful. I become focused on getting everything right (from my view) and lose sight of all that is great. In fact, I can become selfish and forget that every one else has a perspective as well that may not be the same as mine.

The truth is that no matter how hard it can be, being together is the only place for me. I came across the following quote a few months ago “Together is my favorite place.” I have no idea who wrote that quote but I really liked it. My favorite place is being together with these 4 people:

I am not sure if they know it because I don’t always show it. They are my favorite and being with them is my favorite place to be.

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