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The Adventure of a Lifetime

This week, I had the opportunity to go on a trip to Colorado with a few friends. Since I have been married to Mariah (almost 13 years), I have not gone on many trips (if any) like this. I believe that most of the trips I have taken without Mariah have been related to my work.

The main point of our trip was to snow mobile and dog sled. We went snow mobiling at a place called Good Times Adventures and dog sledding at a place called Alpine Adventures. While on the trip, I began to think that this is certainly an adventure I never thought I would do and one that I don’t think I will never forget. We had great tour guides who took us on fantastic adventures. I didn’t know exactly what to expect and was excited about the experience. As you can imagine, it ended up being amazing, everything I expected, and definitely something I will always cherish.

Before each tour we had a quick lessen from the guide so that we would have an understanding of what to expect, could stay safe, and could enjoy the adventure as much as possible. In some ways, this was similar to the premarital course that Mariah and I took before we got married in which we learned how to treat our marriage, what to expect, and how to ensure a fantastic marriage.

While on one of the tours, I began to think how lucky I was to get to be on such an adventure. First, I am grateful to have friends that put the trip together and invite me to come along. Second, I am grateful to have a supportive wife that had no hesitation in letting me go while leaving her home with 3 highly active and competitive boys. I couldn’t help to think how blessed I was in so many ways.

I have to confess, but please don’t take this wrong. This trip doesn’t come close in comparison to what I believe to be the adventure of my lifetime. I honestly get to live an adventure every day being married to my best friend, Mariah, and getting to raise our 3 boys:

Just as I didn’t know exactly what to expect on the Colorado trip, I didn’t know exactly what to expect in my marriage or raising boys. I never expected it to be easy and had no idea how hard it could be, but I feel blessed that I get to figure out how to undergo the necessary transformation to fulfill Mariah’s dreams, provide for them, and protect them. Sometimes it actually feels surreal that I get to live the adventure of my lifetime every day with my absolutely gorgeous wife and our boisterous boys.

It isn’t actually heaven, but it is the closest thing to heaven on this planet in my opinion. Every day proves to be a challenge, great adventure and good times. There are no words that adequately express how much I look forward to spending every day with them. With God as our tour guide, I am exhilarated every day to make amazingly sweet and brilliant music with my partner, Mariah.

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