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Please pray for others: A brief moment with our boys may be more than what others bargain for

Today is Christmas Eve and there is a lot of excitement in our house as we get prepared to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Mariah and I are raising 3 boys that are now 10, 8, and 5. If you don’t understand just how frightening that can be, just let me share a brief snippet of our day while a new mattress was being delivered to our house. The situation, interestingly, reminds me of the reason for Christmas – to celebrate the greatest gift this world has ever received and one of the greatest commands.

This is a picture of our 5 year old, Max, with his favorite family member, Maggie. Maggie is a 2.5 year old chocolate lab. They both look pretty innocent, but they are not. They are both quite mischievous as they generously demonstrated today.

We got a call around 3 that the delivery truck was almost to our house. We put Maggie in her room before they arrived in an effort to keep her out of the way. The guys arrived and we opened the door to let them in. Maggie began barking as if they were intruders. The raucous she was making was much like a caged bull. We showed them where the old mattress was so they could take it outside. I believe they felt safe despite her loud barking.

They made it to the staircase without incident and then everything changed as they began their descent down the stairs. I was in the room trying to make it easy for them to bring in the new mattress and suddenly heard a squeal followed by a huge thud. I heard Mariah yell, “Max, what did you do!” I ran out into the hall to assess the situation and looked down the stairs. I noticed the mattress wiggling on the ground at the bottom of the staircase and one of the movers crawling from under it. I didn’t notice the other guy, and I saw Maggie running around the hallway.

I asked what happened and Mariah said “Max let Maggie out.” I asked Max why and he said (holding his hands up in the air) “I tried to block her.” At this point, the other delivery guy came from one of the boys bedrooms which he had run into after Max let Maggie out of the gate. It became obvious at that moment that he let go of the mattress causing it to crash on top of the other guy.

It was an awful scene and we have no idea why Max let her out. My only thought is that he loves her so much and wanted the delivery guys to meet her. I don’t believe he intended for her to scare or attack the guys. I don’t believe she did anything other than bark at them like a ferocious dog. She is not a mean dog, but she sure sounds mean and protective when strangers enter our house. Thankfully, the delivery guys were ok.

As I reflect on the scene at our house today, I do ask for your prayers, but not for us. I ask that you pray for the delivery guys that came to our house today. I ask that you pray for anyone that interacts or comes in contact with us. Our boys can be dangerous, unpredictable, and anything but mild and serene.

Anyone that comes around us is at risk and needs to have their guard up at all times. If you are around our family, I am pretty sure you can picture what it was like in our house at that brief moment. I ask you to pray for others because being around us typically ends up being a little more than what most people bargain for. I ask that you pray for people not to walk away from us and believe our boys to be total heathens (I guess that part is for our shame). After all, it is Christmas and I believe the greatest gift we can give each other is to pray for each other.

Merry Christmas and praying for your peace,

The Daly’s


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