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Choosing to be Grateful

We have the opportunity every morning and all throughout our day to determine or adjust our attitude. We can focus on the good things or we can think about the bad things in our life. The truth is the we all have plenty of each.

These 3 young men might look innocent in this picture, but they can be very competitive (especially with each other). They will compete for anything and exhaust every bit of my patience. It is very tough to maintain a good attitude and stay focused on everything that is amazing due to the constant high level of intensity. At times, it can be hard to recognize all of the greatness. Please understand that I am not complaining. I know I take them for granted, and when I do, I know it is my choice.

Today, I really want to share my gratitude for a few of the good things in my life. My wife, my kids, our family, our friends, all of the healthcare workers we work with, our neighbors, our coaches, and our teammates. This morning, I was reminded of what is important and the situation has helped me stay a little more focused on all of the good things.

This is my wife and our oldest son. She is a nurse and this morning she used her assessment and skills at our house. Our son was eating breakfast and started making a weird noise. She immediately identified that something was wrong and recognized that he was choking. He was unable to speak and became obviously scared. She quickly gave him the Heimlich maneuver (5 abdominal thrusts). I will spare you the details of what happened after the fifth thrust. I will let you know it was a positive, but disgusting outcome. I am so glad she was there at that moment.

I am glad Mariah is my partner. I savor the life we have created and prefer nothing else. No words or actions can adequately express my gratitude. My wife, our boys, and our life is priceless. I am not sure what I would do without them.


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