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A Pleasing Passport

I have to share that I am so pleased that Mariah has been accepted into the Pediatric Nurse Practitioner MSN program at Vanderbilt University. She is beyond ecstatic about this adventure and she deserves it more than anyone I know.

I remember meeting her in 2002 and she was working as a care partner at Vanderbilt. She was also working to finish her Bacheler of Science in Nursing from Austin Peay State University. I remember how hard she studied and worked to finish the program. I also remember her thinking that I was dreamy. Unfortunately over time, she has learned as I have shown her that I am anything but dreamy. 

I think it is important to know that she has realized  her dream against the odds. She has lived with me and my 3 mini-mes throughout her journey. We have not made it easy for her by any means. Can you imagine? 

Let me explain how she has had to overcome tremendous adversity. 

First, consider me. Enough said. I am nothing but difficult.

Second, let me share how Miles felt about her getting into the program. As you can see from his congratulation note, he has had no idea what she has been doing for the past 13 years. I would ask you how he could miss this, but I can be just as clueless so why would I have expected anything different.

    Third, let me share an example I experienced with Max today:

    • Me: Max, I love you
    • Max: Quit asking me that

    I am not sure why he thought my statement was a question or why he was so frustrated with my statement. The point is that we can be ruthless and this is what Mariah experiences from all four of her boys on a daily basis.

    Fourth, let me share one last instance with you.

    • Max: do I go to school tomorrow?
    • Me: No
    • Max: Uggggh! I want to go to school tomorrow.

    This came from the little boy that we have to battle every day to get to school and now he was begging to go to school on Sunday (a day he didn’t have to). This is the type of frustration that we put her through on a daily basis. She has to feel like none of us are ever happy. It is amazing to me that she has been able to stay focused on her goal.

    Being a nurse has always been her desire and she has been nothing less than tenacious throughout her journey. Today, she certainly feels like a champion as she has been given a passport to the luck and fortune she has wanted to conquer her entire life. 

    Mariah, whether the boys know or understand what you do, we love you with all of our hearts and are so excited for you. I am sorry the four of us have made your journey so difficult, but we never had any doubt in you. I am trying to convince myself that that we were training and preparing you in some way. Now that you have made it to the last part of your journey, we can lighten up our training and watch you shine your light a little brighter on the world.

    2 thoughts on “A Pleasing Passport

    1. Mike, what a wonderful tribute to Mariah’s acceptance into the program! The two of you have always been a wonderful team and this article is another tribute to the fact that you share a “you and me against the world” approach to life…. Dad Forbes

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