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The class of my life

This morning I read a blog that described some shocking and very unexpected news. It was shocking and unexpected because I never imagined reading what I read. The story was about someone getting a divorce. I was very surprised that this individual was going through this situation. As I finished reading the story, I reflected on what there was for me to learn. To be honest, I couldn’t help but wonder what caused this marriage, and several other marriages, to self-destruct.

I know many people that have been divorced and I don’t think any of them got married with the intention of ever getting divorced.  I don’t think anyone gets married with that intention. I know I didn’t. What I was really focused on was if there was something for me to learn from this and all of the other stories of divorce.

As I thought about finding an answer, I first thought about how someone that is married or has been married describes marriage. I don’t recall anyone ever telling me marriage was going to be easy and no one adequately described just how hard it was going to be.

My second thought was about all of the material that has been written about the secret of marriage and about how to have a succesful marriage. While there is a lot of good material that has been written, the truth is that I don’t think there is a secret. At least I don’t think there is a secret that fits every marriage.

My third thought was that no one or no book ultimately makes the difference. I am the only one that can make a difference in my marriage. It is up to no one but me. I know my wife is my partner and she certainly plays a major role, but if I want my marriage to be great and to be succesful it is up to me. I cannot just sit around, leave it up to her, and expect our marriage to be amazing.

Finally, for some reason, I thought about learning. I thought about how much I like to learn. I thought about all of the education I have completed. I thought about how much I enjoyed learning everything I have. And then, I thought about why I never learned the secret to a succesful marriage. 

As I continued to reflect, I realized I had found my answer. I realized I was currently in the process of learning the secret. I was learning the secret by taking the hardest class of my life. A class being taught by the best but hardest professor of my life. A class that has no other students. I am taking a class called marriage being taught by the only professor skilled and qualified to teach me. 

I have certainly enjoyed the class so far and I have certainly found an exquisite professor. While it is unseen at this point how I will do in this class, the good news is that I have demonstrated that I am capable of learning. So, I am going to pray that this class never ends and I am going to pray my professor doesn’t flunk me. I am going to pray that my professor always thinks I am the best possible student she could ever teach. I am going to pray I can be the best student I can possibly be. I hope that someday I can look at my professor and say “Praise the Lord, we have made it this far.”

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