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A Broken Heart that can Still Forgive

Please don’t take this wrong, but I am messed up. I am so grateful that God sent his one and only son to save and forgive me. I am also glad that he sent to me the helper that he did – Mariah. She has an amazing and sacred heart. Unfortunately, a broken heart, but, luckily, a forgiving heart. I have broken her heart in so many ways.

I have failed to love her the way she deserves. I have failed to encourage her the way she deserves.I have failed to have patience with her. I have failed to be kind. I have failed to be the husband and dad she (and our boys) deserves. I have failed to love her like Jesus loved the church.

She, however, continues to love me even though I am less than deserving. This wekend I showed her exactly why I was less than deserving. I would share the details, but I am way too embarrassed and ashamed. I will let you know that I did not committ adultery. I have made so many mistakes, she doubts that I really love her. I broke her heart and she still forgave me.

When we went to church (Mariah with her broken heart), she further showed me her sacred heart. As we sat down, we noticed a young girl crying terribly. As soon as Mariah noticed, she told me to get out of her way. I did without question (that is hard for me as I love to ask questions). When she returned, she went over to the sobbing young lady, handed her a tissue and hugged her. The young lady hugged her back. They hugged for a while and it was a longer hug than I typically get from Mariah – maybe I should start crying more often. Mariah came back to sit by me and wrote the young lady a note. Mariah wrote:

I will be praying for you. Here is my email if you ever need someone to talk to.

Even though Mariah had a broken heart, she was able to put her own problem aside and show a complete stranger a little love and acceptance. Tonight, I was reminded that Mariah is really special and that I have to stop destroying her heart.

I share this story with you not to show you how ashamed of myself I am, but to show you that Mariah is exceptionally special. She loves me even though I break her heart. She loves her neighbors as God wants all of us to do. Her heart is forgiving and her heart is sacred. I can only imagine at this point after our 11 years of marriage how much of an impact Mariah’s sacred heart could have had on the world if I had loved her the way I was suppose to. Gentleman, we owe it to God, we owe it to our wives, and we owe it to the world. We have to love our wives and we have to show them every day. I certainly intend to start doing a better job of that tonight because this lady deserves it.


4 thoughts on “A Broken Heart that can Still Forgive

      1. I feel for you a,d understand your plight. I am going through something very similar. Like you mentioned, no adultery involved, but on second thoughts Adultery would have been easier to walk away from


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