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The Flames of Kindness Spreads Like A Wildfire

Yesterday, Mariah, Max, and I attended the Veteran’s Day Parade. We arrived just in time to see the beginning of the parade, but a little too late to get a good viewing spot. After holding Max for a few minutes, we knew we needed to relocate or we wouldn’t last long watching the parade. We debated crossing the road for a few minutes and finally we did after seeing someone else do it. On the other side we found a nice spot where we could sit on the curb and we had plenty of space. Luckily, we sat next to a very, very nice couple.

After a few minutes, the genleman stood up and came over to introduced himself and his sister. He stated both of their names and shook our hands. He was wearing a hat that had 101st Airborne on it. We told him our names. He asked us about Max and we told him we had 2 other boys in school. 

Throughout the parade, we had ongoing conversation. As I watched and listened to the man and his sister, I became further and further impressed by his kindness. I began to think that I wished I knew how to be that kind. I wished I knew how to impact people the way he was impacting us.

As the parade continued, he and his wife collected candy and a small American flag that were being handed out. 

As we left, the gentleman stood up, gave us the candy they collected and the small American flag. They said to take this candy and flag so that all of your boys have some candy and a flag. They shook our hands, stated our names, and told us to have a great weekend. Mariah thanked him for his service and he said “I am just wearing the hat in support of all the Veterans.”

We will never know if he was a veteran or not. We will, however, know what it looks like to show kindness and humility. As we walked away, Mariah and I reflected on how kind they were – they listened, they focused, they placed us first, and they made an impact on us. 

I want to learn to focus and listen as attentively as they did. I want to remember people’s names the way they remembered ours. I don’t want to be as introverted as I am. I want to learn to show kindness and humility the way they showed us. I want to be better at loving my neighbors as I am instructed to do. I want to spread kindness like the flames of a wildfire. I know Mariah would like me to be better at this (she reminded me indirectly yesterday and twice already today before lunch). Madden, just reminded me that I need to show more kindness. I do want my boys to learn to do the same and that will be hard if I don’t set the right example.

I guess I know my mission – to start a wildfire. I will have to learn quickly and sprwad the kindness quickly so the devil can’t put it out. I know Mariah would appreciate it, my boys would learn from it, and the world sure could use the kin


One thought on “The Flames of Kindness Spreads Like A Wildfire

  1. Mike, Kindness comes in many shapes and sizes. You are a kind person in so many ways; in helping others, in being drawn to a career that heals others, and in just noticing the caring of others and wanting to emulate what you see.

    I watched a show about Nepal and in that country, when someone does something kind for you, you place a brightly colored scarf around that person’s neck. I wish we had such a custom because it lets a person see just how much their kindness to others is recognized. You would be wearing many scarves.

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