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A promise is a declaration that something will happen. We all make these declarations to someone else at one time or another. Many people make promises and have every intention to ensure it happens. Some people make promises and have no intention of it ever happening. 

Mariah has declared that whatever she promises our boys, it will happen no matter what. She has made a few promises thinking it would be a really long time before it would even be possible. One specific promise she made about 4 years ago when she purchased an item and our oldest son (5 at the time) begged her to get him the same item. In order to apease him in the moment, shepromised  him that she would get him one. She promised she would get him a version that she thought would not come out for many years. She had bought an iphone 4 and she promised  him that she would get him an iphone 7.

As you probably know, only 4 years after making that promise, the iphone 7 has come out. Guess what, he enever forgot that promise and he knows the iphone 7 has come out. He is expecting to get an iphone 7 and my wife doesn’t want to let him down. She doesn’t want to break her promise.

I really don’t think he needs an iphone, but I also don’t think Mariah should fail to fulfill her promise. This, I am torn. I am not sure what to do.


2 thoughts on “Promises

  1. I would suggest that a compromise be reached…. Mariah didn’t promise him an iPhone 7 the moment it became available…. So…. Give him a less expensive iPhone with the understanding that you are going to see how responsible he is with it. After a year or two you should know the answer and the iPhone 7 will be much less expensive.

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