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How boys learn

Boys learn in many different ways. Communicating, observing, experiencing, playing, and reading, are just a few ways boys learn. Some boys like to learn and some boys don’t like to learn. Some learn the hard way, like my boys.

Here is an example of learning while I was coaching a baseball game. It was coach pitch and I was pitching. I asked the other teams player if he was ready to make sure he was paying attention. As I looked at him, I noticed he was playing in the chalkline. He asked, “What is this? Is it sugar?” This boy learned by asking questions. If it had been my boys, they would have learned the hard way by just scooping some up and tasting it.

Here is a specific example of how my boys learn the hard way. I have coached my boys baseball team for several years. One of my boys, Miles, has no problem wearing a protective cup. Madden, on the other hand, is resistant to wearing a protective cup. He has to learn the hard way. After our most recent game, the team lined up to shake the other team’s hand. Madden was first to get in line, but Miles wanted to be first in line. Miles, in an effort to communicate his frustration, walked up to Madden and kicked him where the sun don’t shine if you know what I mean. Madden fell to the ground in obvious pain. He may just start wearing his cup at all times because you never know when Miles may just come up and give you a good kick.

Let me share one more example. A few days ago Max was chasing Maggie around our house. I asked him to stop. I tried totell  him he might fall or run into something. As usual, he didn’t believe me. He kept running and Maggie kept chasing him. After a few minutes I heard a loud  thump and then a blood-curdling squeal that turned into a cry. He ran intothe island  in our kitchen. He busted his nose. He busted his lip. He was bleeding. He stopped chasing Maggie and Maggie stopped chasing him. If only he had listened.

Learning can be easy, hard, fun, and not so fun. I hate to see my boys learn the hard ways or the not so fun ways. Man, I wish they would learn the right way. But no matter what, they have to learn.


One thought on “How boys learn

  1. It’s great that you see your kids for who they are and acknowledge that they have their own way of doing things…I have girl kids and they aren’t the rough and tumble type, so I got a kick out of this post, but I’m a little glad I get to just read about it!

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