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Our Boys Crave It All And The Sky Is No Limit

Our boys have lots of CRAVING. They crave lots of things and there are no limits to their cravings. Sometimes it seems that they crave everything. They see no limits. They crave:

  • activity (lots of activity)
  • the next activity they want to do (even before we have started the first activity)
  • being first in line
  • getting in the car first
  • putting on their underwear first or last (depending on their mood)
  • sitting in the front
  • sitting in the back
  • Mariah’s attention
  • irritating each other
  • not listening to Mariah or I
  • driving Mariah and I crazy
  • getting along after Mariah and I are beat down and exhausted

One recent craving was netbricks (aka legos). They have a monthly prescription for a lego set. The lego set is shipped to our house, the boys build it, tear it down, and then ship it back. Today, a new set arrived while Mariah and I were at work. Madden received a set and Miles received a set. When I arrived home, they were in the middle of trying to build their set.

They had a strong craving to open the legos as soon as they saw it. They had such a craving that they failed to see the difficulty they would cause by putting them into one gigantic pile. As I sat looking at the overwhelming pile of legos, I thought about how difficult it would be to find the piece we needed at each step of the instructions. As well, Madden reminded me 1,000,000 times that he couldn’t find the next piece. I am not sure he was actually trying to find the piece, but he was letting me know he couldn’t.

I put up a good fight for a while, but eventually I had to face the challenge. I couldn’t let this overwhelm him and I couldn’t let him lose his craving or determination. I was sucked into the craving. Before I knew it, I had my own craving to build the lego set. After an hour, Madden and I were still looking for the first lego piece we needed in this heap of mess. We became a team with a craving and determination to build this pirate ship. We eventually completed 3 out of the 1000 steps. We will finish 3 more tomorrow and 3 more the following day. We will build the pirate ship and will not allow any barriers to get in our way.

It is interesting and sad that I first saw barriers to building the set. The more I thought about how hard it would be and the more I heard Madden remind me he couldn’t find the piece, the more afraid I became about Madden learning to see barriers. I didn’t want to search for the needle in that haystack, but more importantly, I didn’t want Madden to learn to let barriers get in his way.

As I grew up, I had cravings just as our boys do. As I experienced life, I heard about what was going to be hard and what was going to be too much. Over time, I learned to see barriers. I never realized this was a problem until I met Mariah- she never sees barriers. We have had many disagreements (I guess you could call some of them fights) because I see barriers and she sees possibilities. Now, as I watch our boys grow up, I notice them beginning to see barriers and it scares me. I often have to fight with myself so that our boys don’t learn to see barriers like I do.

I hope they always see their cravings and possibilities first like Mariah. I don’t want them to see barriers first like I do. I want them to have no fear (or at least no fear of being able to accomplish a goal or dream). I want them to crave God and see no barriers between their relationship with him. I want them to have goals and dreams. I don’t want the sky to be a limit to their goals and dreams.


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