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Should I go with the flow or not?

I am very future oriented. I think about every step I make (my family makes) and what it will lead to next. Because of this, I have a really hard time going wih the flow.

Our first morning at the beach, Madden wanted to do everything. He was asking:

  1. to take Maggie (our dog) to the beach before anyone else was awake.
  2. to go paddleboarding. 
  3. to go parasailing

We decided that we would take Maggie to the beach. He was asking to do the next thing before we had even started to do the first thing. His asking is exhausting. Before we left, everyone had woke up and we all went to the beach. When we finally made it to the beach with all of our stuff and set it all up, he kept asking.
After being on the beach a few hours, we went inside to eat lunch. After we ate, he kept asking. We decided to go rent bikes. After picking up the bike, we went to eat ice cream at The Marshe. Madden wanted to put the lock and chain on his bike. I tried to get him not to do it, but he insisted. I asked him why and he said so no one steals it. I told him nonone will steal it here and he said I just want to lock it up. 

I wanted to be the boss and I wanted to get my way, but something inside of me said what is the big deal. Does it really matter? Then I thought, maybe I should just go with the flow. Thus, Madden locked up rhe bike. 

After we ate ice cream and returned to the bike, it turned out that the combination code they gave us didn’t work. After a few minutes of messing with the lock, we realized that we were able to slide the handle bars out since he didn’t put the lock on correctly. However, we had to take the golf cart to the bike rental place so they could get the lock off. They had given us the wrong combination.

Once the lock was off the golf cart, we headed back to our house. On the way back, we passed Mariah, Madden, and Miles. Miles was getting tired and wanted to  ride the golf cart. It turns out, Madden’s persistence was a good thing. He may love his brother (Miles) after all. The lock slowed us down just enough so that we would be in the right spot to help Miles when he needed it.

I often struggle with the decision to go with the flow or not. I am glad I went with the flow in this situation. I am glad I decided not to be persistent and let Madden take the steps he wanted to. That step turned out to be a blessing. He may actually like Miles after all and may have been looking out for him.


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