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This is our story, this is my passion

If you know anything about me, you have probably noticed that I am not the most outgoing person. If you don’t know me, then now you know I am not outgoing. I am not saying I am a mean person – well I can be. I am just not a conversationalist or a socialite. Luckily, I married a beautiful and friendly girl that is a great conversationalist and a socialite. She really should be writing this instead of me. We are on opposite ends of the spectrum (God bless her for what she deals with). While the differences between Mariah and I have been challenging and even difficult at times, they have mostly been a blessing. I am grateful that God provided me with her. She was exactly what I needed – even though I didn’t completely realize it at the time he was providing it. I do find myself realizing this more and more every day. I really do love her more and more every day. I grow and learn from Mariah all the time. I gain the most when I stay focused on God and how much she really helps me. I gain the least when I get selfish.
Here is a good example: about a year after we got married, Mariah was ready to have a baby. She had a very strong desire to be a mom. I always knew she would be good at it and she has proven to be nothing less than an excellent mom. The truth is, I was scared and she was fearless. The whole truth is that I needed her strength to help me get over my fear. The whole truth and nothing but the truth is that I am so glad she helped me get over that fear. She even helped me do this three different times. We now have 3 healthy, fun, active, vibrant, and dynamite (as in TNT) boys.
We have an adventure each and every day. Some of the adventures turn out good and some turn out bad. Some are easy and some are hard. Some are fun and some are not so fun. You get the point. No matter what, each adventure has been worth it. We are growing and learning constantly from each adventure.
We have been married almost 11 years and the boys are 8, 7, and 3. This is our story. This is our life. This is life. This is what I love. This is my passion. As I share our story with you, my hope is that you will be entertained, you will laugh, you will see that I make mistakes, you will learn, or you will grow. Either way I just hope you get something out of it. If you don’t, let me know and I will gladly share more details.


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